• This is a platform created by Exun Clan as a starting point for students to Cryptic Hunts.
  • All students are recommended to read the Cryptic Hunt resources
  • The platform encompasses an Online Cryptic Treasure Hunt in which students can make their way through cryptic levels created by us over the years.
  • At each level, the students will encounter a number of clues which shall all, together, point to one answer. Each level has one correct answer.
  • Answers will always be lower-case, alphanumeric and will contain no spaces. Special characters are allowed. For example, if the answer is Big Bang, you would type it in as “bigbang”.
  • Since this is a practice platform, you can redo a level which you've already done. However, you will not get points for a redo.
  • Every clue in the question is important. If it wasn't important, it wouldn't be there.
  • Beware of the spelling you enter, we do not auto-correct.
  • You can come back to this page any time by clicking on the Sudocrypt logo in the top left corner of the page.

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